Auto Insurance

I cannot say enough about Corrin, Virginia and Becky. I sent them a policy that I had for my auto insurance, and Virginia explained that I did not have adequate coverage in some areas and too much in others. It is so refreshing to know someone who would take the time to do that. I would recommend them to anyone–for insurance advice or policies!

Eileen S.
San Francisco, CA

Home Owner & Renter Insurance

Customer service at it's best! I recently purchased a house and my mortgage broker recommended I talk with Trowbridge Insurance. I was able to set up insurance, have the inspection, purchase my policy, and sign all my documents–all over the Internet! I worked with Virginia Trowbridge, and she was able to answer all of my questions professionally and promptly by email. This is really important to me because I'm pretty much always at work.

Brian H.
San Francisco, CA

I always thought getting Renters Insurance was a good idea, but every time I started the process the people I worked with made it terribly confusing or the price would be outrageous! Then I met Corrin and Virginia!

They made the process quick, simple and gave me a price that was fantastic. I now understand more about Renter's Insurance and what it covers and why it's important–and I appreciate that knowledge! They are fantastic people and great to work with.

Renee P.
San Francisco, CA

Realtor & Other Business Insurance

I have had a wonderful experience with the Trowbridge team on several levels. First, they provide all the insurance coverage for our personal needs. We have auto, home and life with them. The personal service is amazing.

On a professional level, Virginia has provided home insurance for many of my real estate clients. She is always there if I have questions about flood insurance on select properties my clients are interested in, and she is quick and accurate when providing proof of insurance for a timely closing. I can't say enough about this team, and I suggest you give them a call to see the difference.

Aimee K.
Burlingame, CA

I switched to Trowbridge Insurance for our commercial 25-unit apartment complex. Virginia Trowbridge assessed our current coverage, determined where it was overkill, reduced the policy to save us money where we didn't need insurance, and succeeded in obtaining a new policy for earthquake insurance after researching 5 different policies until she found an affordable policy with good coverage offered by a reputable insurance company.

If you want a caring, professional, hardworking team for insurance agents, go with Trowbridge Insurance. They are Farmers Agents, but they represent other insurance companies too.

Jenifer B.
Burlingame, CA

General Comments

Corrin and Virginia are the best. They make insurance easy, seamless and efficient. If you're looking for insurance, they get things right!

James H.
Palo Alto, CA

I had just moved here from the East Coast and was unhappy with my auto coverage. Now Farmer's handles my auto, home and earthquake policies plus my daughter's renters insurance. The service is great, and contact can be by phone or email (which I prefer). Virginia, bless her heart, gets back to me immediately, no matter what question or problem I have. GO Trowbridge!!!!

Francesca A.
Oakland, CA

I use Trowbridge Insurance for business insurance and health insurance. Whether you deal with Corrin or Virginia, they both take the time to explain all your options and answer all questions in great detail. I highly recommend them for your insurance needs.

Elena D.
San Mateo

I can't believe I have an insurance agent who makes house calls! Virginia Trowbridge actually came to our home to help us update our insurance for the house and cars. Her explanations really gave us confidence that we were getting a package that was right for us–tailored to our income level and our family size, and at a very competitive price. If we have questions later, I know whom I can ask to get good answers!

Karen D.
San Mateo

The name "Corrin S. Trowbridge" is a not something that roles of the lips easily, and try saying it fast five times! But once you get the pronunciation correct you will find everything else is easy, because he and his team provide excellent client service and make complex situations a breeze. Make sure you ask him what the middle initial "S" stands for! I think it is "Service". I highly recommend Mr. Corrin S. Trowbridge.

Jason B.
Belmont, CA