Group Benefits

Finding The Right Fit For Your Company

Group Benefits generally consist of Group Health Insurance, Group Life Insurance, and Retirement Plans.

  • Group Health Insurance
    The least expensive form of Health Insurance is generally obtained through an employer. Group Health Insurance is one of the best benefits a company can offer its employees. It helps protect you against a financial calamity that a serious healthcare issue would cause in your life. We work with many carriers to find you the most appropriate Health Insurance for your business and its employees including some with dental and vision care. Hopefully, we can reduce the stress in sorting through health care options.
  • Group Life Insurance
    Group Life Insurance is generally less expensive than the other group benefits an employer can offer his or her employees. However, to the employee with family, it could be the most important benefit of all. Most employees have not thought about Life Insurance, did not think they could afford it, or they cannot get it because of health reasons. We have access to flexible, competitive Group Life solutions for your company, ones that will provide this valuable benefit for your employees through plans that are inexpensive, too! This policy is available for groups as little as TWO Employees! There are no medical checks required; so all we have to do is fill out the paperwork, and it's done!
  • Retirements Plans
    Retirement Plans come in all shapes and sizes, and are used to help you and your employees reach their retirement goals. Our easy to understand and well-designed retirement plans include 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, and Single IRAs. We help you chose the plans that are best for you, your employees and your business. Working with attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors, we can help you convert tax dollars into retirement benefits.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Proven strategies using actuarial insight to save you money.
  • Appointed with all major carriers, including Covered California.
  • Dental, Vision, Group Life Insurance.
  • Section 125 Administration.

Contact us about your Group Benefit programs. Let's find something that fits you and your company.

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We Can Help You Make Sense Of Health Insurance Today

Health Insurance is on everybody's minds these days! Some employees are being asked to pay a larger share of their Group Health Insurance plans, and smaller businesses continue to shop around for individual insurance for themselves or Group Health Insurance plans for their employees. Let us help you take the mystery out of health care today.

Business Insurance With Many Options

Some Business Insurance is required by law and some by business associates, such as lenders and landlords. Obtaining the right type and amount of Business Insurance for buildings, personal property, business income, Workers' Comp, business auto, or key personnel will help you avoid gaps in coverage where you need it most. Umbrella Insurance can shield you and your business from potentially ruinous lawsuits with additional liability coverage.

Let's Discuss Long Term Care…Today

With solid planning, including Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance, you can be better prepared to assume the risks of living a long and full life while protecting assets valuable to your family or business–no matter what comes your way. Let us help you understand and protect all of the risks you run and all of the perils your business faces–without Long Term Care Insurance.