Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance Your Way

Your home is probably your most valuable financial investment. But it's so much more than that! Your home represents your family, your lifestyle, your escape from the world outside, and that reward for years of hard work and dedication. We understand how vital it is to protect that. That's why we make sure you get so much more than just coverage.

Types Of Common Coverage

  • Property
  • Contents Replacement
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Additional Living Expenses

For A Variety Of Homes

  • Condos
  • Mobile and Manufactured Homes
  • Specialty Homes–Vacation Property, Vacant Homes or Rental Properties

Customimze Your Homeowner's Insurance

Farmers knows that when it comes to your home, bare bones, "one-size fits all" coverage just won't cut it. You need insurance you can count on, and coverage you can make your own. After all, every house isn't the same…so why should every homeowner's policy be?

That's why we offer a variety of smart coverage options, to let you build your homeowners policy your way. So when the unexpected happens, including floods and earthquakes, you know that your insurance will be there working for you, exactly the way you need it, to make things right again.

Many Options to Choose From

  • Coverage for Your Property
    Homeowners insurance covers many types of damage to your home and separate structures, like a detached garage. Your policy will cover damage caused by things like wind, fire, and vandalism (subject to exclusions).
  • Coverage For Your Possessions
    • Your personal property is covered anywhere in the world.
    • Coverage is comprehensive, applying to many types of damage and many causes of loss or damage (with theft sub-limits).
    • Contents Replacement Cost is included and, subject to loss settlement, pays for the cost of repair or replacement without deduction for depreciation.
  • Liability Coverage
    Your Homeowner's Policy pays when you're legally liable for someone else's bodily injury or property damage resulting from an accident, negligent acts by you or household members. This also includes the acts of your pets (some dogbreed exceptions).
  • Medical Payments Are Covered
    Homeowner's Coverage pays medical costs for people injured at your residence (other than residents of your household), regardless of liability.
  • Coverage For Identity Theft
    State-of-the-art assistance in the resolution of identity theft events, advocacy services relating to the prevention of identity theft and replacement of certain important documents. This helps recover the loss of your time.

Homeowner Insurance Discounts

Here are some ways you can save on Homeowners Insurance:

  • Renovations? New roof? Get discounts for improvements made to your home.
  • Car and Homeowner policyholders can save on both policies.
  • Non-smokers get a Home Insurance discount!

Trowbridge Personal Service Focuses On The Protection You Need

We understand that you need the right amount of coverage, at the lowest cost, with a reliable carrier! You also need an insurance agent who is your advocate–whenever needed. We are that caring, professional, hardworking team, the one that's on your side.

Learn More-Get A Homeowners Insurance Quote Today.

Whatever your insurance needs, Trowbridge Insurance will find the right insurance for your home, your business, your family and you. Contact us or get a Home Insurance Quote today.

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Additional Coverage For Renters & Homeowners

Expanded Coverage With Umbrella Coverage

Or, be sure to read about Umbrella Coverage. With a Personal Umbrella policy, you'll have additional liability limits over and above those provided by your underlying policies. Your assets, as well as your future earnings, are covered.

Discounts and Savings

You can get discounts for improvements to your home; car and home insurance policyholders can save on both policies with built-in discounts for bundling insurance, and non-smokers can get a homeowner's insurance discount, too. Contact us to learn more.